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Oldie But Goodie Blast From the Past

This is from Capitol Reef National Park, a place that I definitely want to get back there some day. I only spent one afternoon here and was completely blown away. The light was absolutely spectacular.

Actually the drive from Brice Canyon to Capitol Reef was just about as spectacular than either of these two National Parks combined, I’d like to spend a few weeks at, and in-between, these two destinations sometime very soon.


This one is also one of my very large stitched multi HDR images that are about 85 inches by 17 inches when printed at 360 PPI. Click on it for a larger peek.

Oldie But Goodie Number 12?

This one belongs in my favorites short list simply because of the cool story behind these natural bricks. This was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, also known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These are naturally fired bricks created by natural coal vein fires that were, at one time or another, burning profusely firing the natural clay deposits, probably the result of lightning strikes. These bricks were extremely valuable, especially to the indigenous peoples of North America.


Oldie But a Goodie

I know that I have not posted any new images here for a while, I’ve been busy with a new job building elevators and it has taken up a large portion of my time recently. I will be taking a two week photo-spree vacation this spring so new images will certainly follow soon enough…

In the meantime I thought that I would periodically post some of my favorite past images, this one is from Yellowstone National Park and, you guessed it, It’s Yellowstone Falls taken from the end of Uncle Tom’s Trail:


This is one of my favorites because it is a fairly difficult set of rickety stairs, at least for an old fart like myself hauling a fifty pound pack of photo gear and using a tripod for a walking stick,  to get to this point. It was also a great velvety smooth time exposure that did not require any ND filters to capture due to this waterfall being in the shade. It is also a multi-exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) processed image.

Destinations of a Lifetime

Update, The book has now been published and is selling at #1 in Amazon’s Travel/Pictorial seller’s list. Unfortunately the image, as is now published, turned out to have been oversaturated, especially the reds. I should have insisted on the conversion of my colorspace used in my printer/paper to National Geographic’s printers colorspace. Oh well, live and learn. And… holy crap! It is pretty damn cool to see one of my images in print in such a well respected National Geographic publication. I think my dad, who taught me basic photography and darkroom practices, would be proud since he was a huge fan of National Geographic.

By the way the entire book is pretty darn cool and very well done, I definitely recommend buying it.

Previously post:

I’ve been honored by National Geographic by selecting one of my images to be published as a two page spread in their upcoming book  Places of a Lifetime . It should be available in late October, but Amazon is now accepting preorders.


Perseids Bust

Perseids meteor shower was a bust for me. Three hours and I only saw three meteors that were out of view of my camera, a full frame camera with a 17mm lens. Here is one shot, actually about one-hundred-eighty twenty-second exposure shots stacked into a single frame for a total exposure time of about one hour. This makes what is called a star trail. A few aircraft and a few satellites but, unfortunately, no meteors. I gave up about 2:30 am when the boredom overcame my ability to stay awake 🙁