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Oldie But Goodie Yet Once Again

Here is one of my favorite views, it is from the porch of our family cabin on an early autumn morning with the Sun burning the fog off of the lake. Actually this shot was not at all planned, I simply woke up for my morning pee and was completely blown away. I wasted absolutely no time since the light was absolutely perfect. Yes, I set up my camera and tripod and blew off several exposures for this HDR image shivering while still in my tighty- whities. If you look close near the end of the peninsula you will see the sign declaring the boundary of Voyageurs National Park. (click on it for a larger image)


Oldie But a Goodie

I know that I have not posted any new images here for a while, I’ve been busy with a new job building elevators and it has taken up a large portion of my time recently. I will be taking a two week photo-spree vacation this spring so new images will certainly follow soon enough…

In the meantime I thought that I would periodically post some of my favorite past images, this one is from Yellowstone National Park and, you guessed it, It’s Yellowstone Falls taken from the end of Uncle Tom’s Trail:


This is one of my favorites because it is a fairly difficult set of rickety stairs, at least for an old fart like myself hauling a fifty pound pack of photo gear and using a tripod for a walking stick,  to get to this point. It was also a great velvety smooth time exposure that did not require any ND filters to capture due to this waterfall being in the shade. It is also a multi-exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) processed image.

2015 Fall Colors

This year the fall colors along the St Croix River were, although still spectacular, somewhat subdued. Still there were a few backwater areas that were worth shooting. Here is one panorama:

_DSC8395 Panorama_b_3_ps

The HWY 36 bridge construction still continues a year later, note that I now am using an architectural lens (Nikon 24mm f2.8 PCE) with tilt-shift capabilities and the images now show the bridge structures as actually parallel rather than pointing inwards. This is now my favorite lens.



Enjoying the last probable 85 degree day this year with some good friends: