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Oldie But Goodie Blast From the Past

This is from Capitol Reef National Park, a place that I definitely want to get back there some day. I only spent one afternoon here and was completely blown away. The light was absolutely spectacular.

Actually the drive from Brice Canyon to Capitol Reef was just about as spectacular than either of these two National Parks combined, I’d like to spend a few weeks at, and in-between, these two destinations sometime very soon.


This one is also one of my very large stitched multi HDR images that are about 85 inches by 17 inches when printed at 360 PPI. Click on it for a larger peek.

Oldie But Goodie Number 12?

This one belongs in my favorites short list simply because of the cool story behind these natural bricks. This was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, also known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These are naturally fired bricks created by natural coal vein fires that were, at one time or another, burning profusely firing the natural clay deposits, probably the result of lightning strikes. These bricks were extremely valuable, especially to the indigenous peoples of North America.


Oldie But Goodie Yet Once Again

Here is one of my favorite views, it is from the porch of our family cabin on an early autumn morning with the Sun burning the fog off of the lake. Actually this shot was not at all planned, I simply woke up for my morning pee and was completely blown away. I wasted absolutely no time since the light was absolutely perfect. Yes, I set up my camera and tripod and blew off several exposures for this HDR image shivering while still in my tighty- whities. If you look close near the end of the peninsula you will see the sign declaring the boundary of Voyageurs National Park. (click on it for a larger image)


Badlands Sunset

I was in the Badlands investigating some copyright infringements. I normally always use a visually non detectable Digimarc  copyright watermarking, but I am now convinced that in addition to this, a very noticeable copyright watermark notice needs to also be included to address those idiot thieves who actually claim ignorance or stupidity.

I have eyed this spot for several years and it looked as if this trip was also going to be a complete bust for this site. The sky was almost a completely cloudless blue, forgoing a very boring sunset. BUT there was a layer of haze near the horizon as well as a few clouds that actually mucked things up by filtering most of the light from “lighting up” the ridge-line.

The unique thing that I love about the Badlands is that the formations are basically blank slates, or whitewashed canvases. That is that the formations generally take on the unique colors of every sunset or sunrise. Here a half hour before or after sunrises or sunsets generally makes the entire region washed out blandness and a whole lot of nothing, artistically speaking.

There was a hole, or a layer, in the cloud formation near the horizon while the Sun was about one minute from dropping below that horizon when, for less than one minute, the ridge line “lighted up.” I actually had to desaturate this image in order to make it believable. Enjoy, click on it for a larger view:

_DSC8055 Panorama_cpThis was taken with a Nikon D800 and one of my favorite lenses, a Nikon 85mm f2.8 PCI tilt/shift architectural  lens, my second favorite, especially found during this trip, is my newly acquired Nikon 24 mm PCI lens. The un-cropped image is 48 images stitched into an HDR 39744 x 7212 pixels image in size, or a whopping 20 x110 inches when printed at a very fine resolution of 360 pixels per inch fine art image, that is, it is NOT a ‘blown up” cheap poster image.

Note that this image does not represent an actually full quality printed image, the Moon here is merely a white disk, whereas, in the actual full quality print the Moon’s features, as well as many other features, are clearly quite visible and really quite breathtaking.