Nikon 1 J1 on the DJI Phantom 2

Here is a pic with my Nikon 1 J1 mounted, for now there is no gimbal so I’m stuck with one position, but it does use the stock Vision camera vibration isolators, although they may be a bit overloaded. I was not able to flight test it since it is snowing and raining but I did manage to get it off the ground inside my apartment. It took a bit of extra power but it seemed to hover OK and was fairly well balanced. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon and I will get some photos and videos to post.

_DSC2910I also opened up the body to inspect the innards and found everything to have been well placed and all the boards were of good quality, boards were very clean and coated with glyptal varnish for protection. I was a little disappointed in that the Power Management Unit (PMU) was Phantom specific, I was hoping to maybe have hobbled together a six rotor bird using these innards but it does not look good for now.

Also the ESC’s or BLDC motor controllers use a proprietary micro controller so reverse engineering and hacking the firmware may pose some problems. The BLDC commutation appears to be trapezoidal, a definite plus, but I was hoping to apply a sinusoidal commutation scheme to reduce vibrations, looks like I will have to design completely from scratch for that. The same thing with the GPS unit, it uses an off the shelf GPS module but the micro controller is also proprietary, rats!

_DSC2885 _DSC2904I am already finding myself eyeballing the professional models, the s1000 looks awesome but man, probably upwards of $7,000 to get a really good setup with first person perspective and video downlinks. Some of the videos on the web taken with this thing are truly amazing, but then again I’m not really a video guy, I’m only looking for a stable platform for stills, at least for now.