Blood Red Moon Eclipse

Isn’t it cool to think that all of the sunrises and sunsets from all over the Earth are all being projected onto the Moon :-)

This one was added 22:00 CDT, two exposure HDR image using Photomatix Pro:



Taken with a Nikon D800, Nikon 400mm with 2.8x teleconverters (1120mm) mounted on a CGEM mount.

Untitled1This shot was taken with a Nikon D3s with and 85mm lens, 3 min intervals.

For the CGEM fanboys – Even if this mount were to have been manufactured perfectly, which I can assure you it was not, the speed of the motor was fast, requiring me to recenter the Moon three times in an hour-and-a-half or it would have been out of frame.

This means that even if the mount could be perfectly aligned with zero error the mount would still need to be continuously guided with significant adjustments with each exposure of the guide scope. If, on the other hand, the motors were speed controlled, rather than position controlled, then after the first few corrections the mount would continuously track correctly. Instead the internal clock incorrectly calculates the estimated position of each of the impulse  movements.

By the way, for the moon to go completely off frame would be a tracking error by well over one degree, while the movement of the moon relative to sidereal time would be 360/28days/24hours or about one-half of a degree per hour. This is approximately the angular width of the Moon per hour.


Self Reflection

There is a very fine line between brilliance and insanity…

Fitter, happier, more productive,
Not drinking too much,
Regular exercise at the gym
(Three days a week),
Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries,
At ease,
Eating well
(No more microwave dinners and saturated fats),
A patient better driver,
A safer car
(Baby smiling in back seat),
Sleeping well
(No bad dreams),
No paranoia,
Careful to all animals
(Never washing spiders down the plughole),
Keep in contact with old friends
(Enjoy a drink now and then),
Will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in the wall),
Favors for favors,
Fond but not in love,
Charity standing orders,
On Sundays ring road supermarket
(No killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants),
Car wash
(Also on Sundays),
No longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows
Nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,
Nothing so childish, at a better pace,
Slower and more calculated,
No chance of escape,
Now self-employed,
Concerned (but powerless),
An empowered and informed member of society
(Pragmatism not idealism),
Will not cry in public,
Less chance of illness,
Tires that grip in the wet
(Shot of baby strapped in back seat),
A good memory,
Still cries at a good film,
Still kisses with saliva,
No longer empty and frantic like a cat tied to a stick,
That’s driven into frozen winter shit
(The ability to laugh at weakness),
Healthier and more productive
A pig in a cage on antibiotics.

I just can’t get enough of radiohead.

Making Carbonless Fuel From Water

Here is a slow motion video cracking (electrolysis)  of water (H2O) into its constituent elements Hydrogen and Oxygen. A great carbonless fuel if someone ever figures out how to crack it more efficiently. The electrode is in saltwater and the electrodes have a potential of 12V drawing a current of 2A.

Just collect the hydrogen and compress it into a cylinder and wall-a! A carbon free emission automobile. Too bad it takes more energy to produce the hydrogen than you can possibly get out of it. It would be an act of insanity to do something like that, oh… wait a minute… that is also true for ethanol production for use in automobiles. ;-{

********* update 2014-09-17 ***************

After an extensive debate on YouTube a commenter decided to delete all of his comments that exemplify the ridiculousness and irrationality of how an idealist (liberal) argues. He obviously has been so humiliated that he had to remove the evidence of his stupidity. Here is a link to a copy of most of the exchange before he deleted it:


The bottom line is that this post displays the academic fallacy in that the academic and scientific communities have been nearly completely silent in that nearly all “green” energy sources cannot now, nor will ever be able to, produce wealth. Instead they consume wealth, as well as polluting more when you consider their entire processes, which is why they nearly all require government subsidies and artificial punitive penalties on those from which wealth can be created, mainly from fossil fuels and nuclear energy sources.

Sorry but throwing an exorbitant amounts of money to the “Big Government” research industry will not spontaneously produce a Mr. Fusion in which we can run our time traveling automobiles on empty beer cans an banana peels.

Smooth Waterfalls Without ND Filters

Here is another example of using multiple exposures to provide silky smooth waterfalls without using very dark, and potentially expensive, Neutral Density (ND) filters to allow for longer exposures. The following image was taken without any filters using the smallest ISO setting available of 50, 19mm focal length, f/8.0 for maximum resolution, and an exposure of 1/20s. While I do like the motion of the waterfall as is, the silky smooth effect possible by using ND filters can easily be replicated without using them.


By taking multiple exposures of the exact same perspective, tripod use is an absolute must, and then using Photoshop to mean stack them (File -> Scripts -> Statistics and then selecting Mean in the drop down menu) by loading the multiple image set and have Photoshop do all of the work for you. In this case I used fourteen images, the above  image is but one in  the set.

stats_mean_stack_psWhich is the better image? I like them both, this method simply adds an additional tool to the creative toolbox without requiring any additional hardware.

Taken at Ash River Falls near Voyageurs National Park.


A Beautiful Mother

Here are a really cool pair of images showing the sacrifice a good mother is willing to do for her young. Notice that she is creating a scene upon my arrival, she is quacking and splashing violently, drawing my attention away from her youngsters. Successfully, several hundred yards away, she is clearly upset but yet not actually escaping my presence, instead she is still drawing my attention away from her young. (notice her shit dropping in the second shot)

_DSC2514 _DSC2572

Again, these images showcase the Nikon D3s and its capability for low light shots. This time about a half hour before sunset, but in heavily overcast skies and drizzle. Handheld with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with the 2.0x teleconverter at ISO 6400, 1/500s, f/8.0, focal length 340mm.

Taken in Voyageurs National Park, Sullivan Bay.