Oldie but Goodie

Here is another of my favorites, it is from Sand Dunes National Park. I like this one as well for its noncompliance with several of the rules of composition.  Note the mini dunes or ripples that are directly created by the wind that eventually add up to much larger and much longer wavelength dunes seen in the background.


Oldie But Goodie Blast From the Past

This is from Capitol Reef National Park, a place that I definitely want to get back there some day. I only spent one afternoon here and was completely blown away. The light was absolutely spectacular.

Actually the drive from Brice Canyon to Capitol Reef was just about as spectacular than either of these two National Parks combined, I’d like to spend a few weeks at, and in-between, these two destinations sometime very soon.


This one is also one of my very large stitched multi HDR images that are about 85 inches by 17 inches when printed at 360 PPI. Click on it for a larger peek.

Oldie But Goodie Number 12?

This one belongs in my favorites short list simply because of the cool story behind these natural bricks. This was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, also known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These are naturally fired bricks created by natural coal vein fires that were, at one time or another, burning profusely firing the natural clay deposits, probably the result of lightning strikes. These bricks were extremely valuable, especially to the indigenous peoples of North America.


Oldie But Goodie Yet Once Again

Here is one of my favorite views, it is from the porch of our family cabin on an early autumn morning with the Sun burning the fog off of the lake. Actually this shot was not at all planned, I simply woke up for my morning pee and was completely blown away. I wasted absolutely no time since the light was absolutely perfect. Yes, I set up my camera and tripod and blew off several exposures for this HDR image shivering while still in my tighty- whities. If you look close near the end of the peninsula you will see the sign declaring the boundary of Voyageurs National Park. (click on it for a larger image)


Vikings Stadium In Progress

Here are a couple of panoramas of the new Vikings stadium being built taken with my iPhone. The first is pre shift  and the second is post shift, a day later. The stadium is on schedule for a ribbon cutting ceremony sometime in July. Click on them for larger images.

IMG_0065_small IMG_0069_small

As good as the iPhone is I’d like to get my real camera gear and take some real cool high resolution low noise panos.

Yet More Oldies But Goodies

This is a special set of images that are deeply important to me. Any single image simply does not tell the story. This set is from two separate set of circumstances, the first an anti-Iraq-war rally centered on the University of Minnesota campus taken along with Andy, my Iraq Veteran co-student, and the other a single image of a couple of young millennials that wraps it all up from a Jason Davis Tax Cut Rally. I won’t imply any meaning to these images, I’m just the messenger, any artistic interpretations are left upon you — YOU and only YOU are responsible for any emotions and feelings from this montage… Enjoy!

_DSC1080 _DSC1083 _DSC1175 _DSC1180 _DSC1186 _DSC1190 DSC_1698

Oldie But Goodie Revisited

This one I like simply because these guys are pretty shy up close, I had a few seconds to grab this close shot and actually got it. Otherwise they didn’t pop up within fifty yards, I definitely needed a blind for close shots and I got very lucky to get this one without one. I actually was very disturbed to find out that these populations have the plague, I would never had crawled on the ground on my belly  to get this shot otherwise, YIKES!