President Elect Trump – Why Climate Change Is No Longer A Political Issue Outside The US

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Due to the concerns of the author of the article highlighted in this post, I removed the actual article while keeping all of the comments intact, which are not protected by copyright laws in any way. I also provided a link to the blog page so you can read the current state of the article and it’s comments, for how long it lasts. Trump Hysteria Article

I also corrected a few grammatical errors, enjoy.


Trump and the Hysteria of Climate Change

The PDF file above is a copy of an article that was posted on The article itself is nothing new, it is simply is a complete rehash of the hysteria of global warming that has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked by several reputable sources. The article is also the typical knee-jerk reaction of leftist liberals unable to cope with the election of President-Elect Donald Trump. The comments section is where the action is. The PDF is actually spliced as I had to, because the author was actively deleting comments as this exchange progressed. I think that I was able to retrieve most if not al of the pertinent deleted comments.

I simply refute the basic notion that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is not, nor has ever been, proven scientifically. The author and several others make vain arguments against mine, but in the end no one was able to give either the proper correlation calculations thus proving the difference between natural causes of AGW from those causes that may, or may not be caused by human activity. Nor could they explain why CO2 lags behind global temperatures proving that CO2 cannot be the cause of Global temperatures here on Earth. Effects can not occur before causes, which is a basic physical law in our universe. These are just two of the basic cruxes as to why they cannot legitimately make the claim that AGW is caused by human activity.

I will agree that I was a little dogged in my pursuit but the arguments went exactly as I expected. Attack the messenger, avoid the argument at all costs, and then to finally censor the arguments and replace with false allegations. No one would give any explanations as to why they wouldn’t or couldn’t respond with anything but false circular arguments or assuring me that they would address the issue in a future article while burring my comments in a subterfuge of non pertinent and nonsensical comments. During my pursuit the author simply started deleting my comments that put him in a poor light, while making me out to be some degenerate bogeyman without being able to defend myself, he would simply delete those as well.

I warned him that he was acting very predictably and that his belief in AGW had more to do with his politics than anything scientific. His blood was, unfortunately, boiling too vigorously to act with reason.

Liberalism 101:

  1. Shoot the messenger, avoid, at all costs, the content of the argument.
  2. Censor, and or punish, both the argument as well as the arguer.

Enjoy, it may be entertaining or enraging, depending on which side of the AGW debate you fall, which is also pretty much the same thing as to which side of the political fence you favor.

Crash Test Drone

Since I’ve had some time in-between jobs I dusted off my franked-drone and mounted up a GoPro Hero Black and played around with it some. I didn’t spend the time to re adjust the feedback parameters for the lighter weight and it shows in the videos. The first is kind of a cool one, since I accidentally captured a deer running away.

In the second video I tried to show off and, wouldn’t you know, I flew too close to the Sun. The remarkable thing is, with this hard crash at about twenty-five MPH, my structural wood franken-drone came out unscathed with only a slightly bent landing gear. Oops, I forgot to take into account that the battery was low and therefore the copter did not gain any altitude at full throttle with full forward stick position, live and learn.

If this would have been any carbon fiber composite or aluminum metal frame it would most certainly now be worthless junk. As it stands, it bounced off the ground, I made a full recovery, and brought it safely back home in one piece. Any landing that you walk away from is a good landing!

The only damage was this bent landing gear. OK, for you engineers; How much force is required to bend a 3/8 threaded rod? This was no light crash 🙂


Since the DJI motors did not produce their rated thrust I will be building another drone, probably with T-Motors that will be sure to make rated thrust along with, most likely, seventeen inch props that will certainly be able to easily lift my D800 with plenty of reserve power.

Oldie but Goodie

Here is another of my favorites, it is from Sand Dunes National Park. I like this one as well for its noncompliance with several of the rules of composition.  Note the mini dunes or ripples that are directly created by the wind that eventually add up to much larger and much longer wavelength dunes seen in the background.


Oldie But Goodie Blast From the Past

This is from Capitol Reef National Park, a place that I definitely want to get back there some day. I only spent one afternoon here and was completely blown away. The light was absolutely spectacular.

Actually the drive from Brice Canyon to Capitol Reef was just about as spectacular than either of these two National Parks combined, I’d like to spend a few weeks at, and in-between, these two destinations sometime very soon.


This one is also one of my very large stitched multi HDR images that are about 85 inches by 17 inches when printed at 360 PPI. Click on it for a larger peek.

Oldie But Goodie Number 12?

This one belongs in my favorites short list simply because of the cool story behind these natural bricks. This was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, also known as Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These are naturally fired bricks created by natural coal vein fires that were, at one time or another, burning profusely firing the natural clay deposits, probably the result of lightning strikes. These bricks were extremely valuable, especially to the indigenous peoples of North America.


Oldie But Goodie Yet Once Again

Here is one of my favorite views, it is from the porch of our family cabin on an early autumn morning with the Sun burning the fog off of the lake. Actually this shot was not at all planned, I simply woke up for my morning pee and was completely blown away. I wasted absolutely no time since the light was absolutely perfect. Yes, I set up my camera and tripod and blew off several exposures for this HDR image shivering while still in my tighty- whities. If you look close near the end of the peninsula you will see the sign declaring the boundary of Voyageurs National Park. (click on it for a larger image)